Sunday, October 13, 2013

Basket for my Mom

Heres a wooden basket I got at the Tractor Supply  for 6.95  it had the word Flower on both sides
but I painted and added   LAVERNE'S BATH AND SPA  to it that I done in the CCR I did the butter
fly from my cameo.   The bunny I made from watching a youtube video.  is where I got the goat milk soap base and the molds came from an
etsy  and for the life of me I can't remember which one.  If I find it I will post it  all I can remember
about it was that the molds came from China .

I'm Back I hope !!

I have been sickly this year.  I just had surgery on my Thyroid on Sept 30, 2013.  Up till that point
I got to where I couldn't hardly breathe and swallow my food.  Was using an inhaler thinking it was
asthma but it was growths on my Thyroid.  Now I can breathe normal and eat better. 

This is after healing 13 days.  They glued this bandage which looks totally yuk!!!  Don't know
when they will take it off.   But I can't hardly wait!!  Its still pretty sore.  Gonna be on meds the
rest of my life because they had to take all of the Thyroid.  But that's ok.  :)