Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo box for taking Pictures

Heres a box i made today out of material that Hubby's plant threw away.
He figured i could make something  with it.  Its some type of board.  I
really don't know what its called.  Its 1/4 " thick 32" x 40".
I saw someone had a tutorial on how to make this about a month ago.  I really
can't remember who.   But I think you can find a video on YouTube for it.
I used just one of the board sheets.  Thin flour sack cloth and double sided
tape and masking tape.  Also a sheet of 24 x 12  white paper from Provo Craft.

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Vicky said...

awesome victoria looks good, I had one that I made but gave it to m son I need to make another one, but my space is limited it was hard to find a place to store it. but your looks good