Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog award Tag you're it!

I was looking over Olga's blog  and she put me up
for this award last year and i never saw it.  So sorry Olga i am running a year late girl!!!
  1. You are to name 5 people for this award
  2. Tell 10 things about yourself
  3. Post this award on your blog
Ok here is my 10 things about my self.

  1. I love watching the Atlanta Braves play
  2. My blog will be 2 years old next month on the 15th
  3. I have 3 brothers one older and 2 younger
  4. My father passed away 5 years ago and i miss him everyday!
  5. I hate arthritis
  6. I love to watch tear jerker movies and comedies
  7. Favorite series is the Game of thrones (but personally i think they need to clean it up a little)
  8. I would love to go to Atlanta Ga
  9. I am gonna be a grandma again in Janurary (this will make number 7)
  10. My daughter got married this past monday (sept 17) i am gonna have to remember the date and lately at my age who knows if thats possible.

ok here goes the five blogs i am picking:
Thanks again for the Tag Your It! Award Olga.


Norma said...

Hello sweet fiend:) I was just stopping by to say HELLO!!! OMG! to funny on this post LOL! better late than never hee hee:) Congrats on your 7th grandchild and congrats to your daughter!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you for your award!!

~Olga said...

Hi, Victoria! Thanks for posting the TAG You're It :) Pink Bling says, better late then never ;)
You're continuos work is always marvulies, keep up the good work my bloggie friend. XO ~Olga @