Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I received my new provo craft CRICUT EXPLORE MACHINE in. WOW I love it!!!!
I signed into CRICUT DESIGN SPACE, and because I am already a member of CRICUT
CRAFT ROOM all of my cartridges (about 200)  were automatically on The Cricut Design Space
woooohooooo!!!!!  This is my first cut and it was so easy.  I will probably give my E2 to my
daughter.    I have a mini so I can still use the in the CCR.  it was color coded these cuts I just
put the paper colors it said on the 4 separate mat and cut and this is what I got I love it.  I will
have to make these cuts out of vinyl and put  on T Shirts for my kids  After one project I am
already hooked  I am not sure at the moment if it will do the Imagine but will be checking it out.

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Norma said...

WOW! this looks fantastic Victoria! How fantastic is was to have your 200 cartridges in it already and ready to play with huh? I'm sure your daughter will love getting the other cricut:) Enjoy your Sunday!