Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Birthday Blog Hop Today

Kathy Queen of Peachy Keen is having a birthday today and her daughters are doing a special blog hop in her honor.  It was Emma's site CreativeTimeForMe that i was first introduced to Peachy Keen Stamps.  Since then i have gone hog while so to speak in buying them.  Ha Ha.  I love them.  So i  made this Card for Kathy Hoping she has a great day. 

I took a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" pink cricut card stock  for the card
I used Summer In Paris Cart for the sofa done at 3"
I made the window, curtain, and valance free hand
and I tried to be careful with the eyes they are supposed to be in hiding.
I wrote  " Quiet, sssh, hide on the window with the gelly roll pin from PK

Inside  I went to the diet coke site (knowing that Kathy loves diet cokes)
and printed  4 diet coke cans cut them out and glue them all together to make it stiff
i found the candles on a piece of scrap paper cut the out and glue to coke can
i used zig 2 way glue.

Now for the back of the coke can I made my own  wobble
I took some jewelry wire wrapped it around my zig pen about 4 times
and cut it.  I took 2  1" circles  and punched a hole using a martha stewart punch  (little tiny hole)
I stuck both ends of the wire into the pink 1" circles and tape it down then i tape one end to my
card and the other to the back of the coke. (it works great)  I used  TERRIFICALLY TACKY TAPE
for both sides of my homemade wobble.

I made the Tear Kitty and the Pig Peeker and put behind the coke can.
I used the Happy Birthday from Joyslife's Father and Son's Stamps.
I found the surprise part off of a piece of scrap.

If any one sees this please let Kathy know i made her this card and maybe she might come by and look at it.
The special hop starts at this site

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Nikki the *scrappinNavyWife* said...

This is just AWESOME!!! I too share Kathy's LOVE for diet coke!!! Most people have coffee in the morning...NOT ME..>DC ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Nikki ♥