Sunday, June 19, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

I received this Award from Lucianna over at  Lucianna is really a sweet
person visit her site she does wonderful work.  I would give this back but then she would also have to send it back out and thats a lot of work.  Its a beautiful award and Thanks Lucianna. 

This award has some rules. 1.  Thank the person for giving it to you.  2.  Give to 8 other well deserving blogger buddies.   3.  Tell 7 different random things about yourself.

Ok here goes.
1.  I love Mexican food.
2.  I love to go play bingo.
3.  I love my blog and going to other blogs to check out what wonderful creations they have for the day. I
     used to stay online at to do that joining blog hops commenting.   Its fun.
4.  I am now wearing some size 14 clothes due to my dieting and i haven't worn that size since the late 
5.  I hate doing dishes.
6.  I would love to learn how to drive our lawn mover.  But we live on a hill (really big hill too) and hubby
     doesn't want me to get hurt by turning lawn mower over like he has.
7.  I love chinese food.

Okay here is the 8 blog awards going out to 8 special ladies that i really enjoy, not that there is 600 more wonderful ladies  but that would take me a year to do.

2. TamiB
3. Chris
4. Cindy
5 .Liz
6. Tami
7. Jen
8. Esther

Like I said there is many more of your wonder blogging friends out there. You deserve this also and I hope some one sends one your way.  Victoria :)


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Tami B. said...

This is a perfect award for you. You're such a sweetie! Thank you for thinking of me to pass it on to.