Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Australia Day play a game post

on  site  http://www.makeitcrafty.com.au/crafts-blog  she has some Australian phrase and made a game of it.
need to go over and check it out.  You can look these words up or try your own thoughts as to what these phrases really mean.  Me i think i want to take my own chances.
  1. She’ll be apples   =  may be that she is a little touched in the head.  not all there.
  2. Go like the clappers  =   windy  maybe talks too much
  3. Rough end of the stick = corncob up your......  bad mood,  angry...
Well thats it for me. 


Dilsaver Designs said...

Hi Victoria,
This is Lucianna at Dilsaver Designs and I wanted to let you know you were the winner of the giveaway!!! Yeah for you :) Please contact me before Friday regarding mailing information. Congratulations!!

Dilsaver Designs said...

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