Thursday, March 1, 2012

 These to pictures were for the Peachy Keen Connection Challenges 1 and 2  this past weekend.
I was the grand prize winner of  50.00 dollar gift certificate and let me tell you i already spent it. 
Peachy Keen Store was giving me problems so i called and placed my order and was excited cause
The Top Peach  Kathy  took my order.  I was honored.   I went overboard and bought 53.99 dollars more yeah!!!! I should get them tomorrow i can't hardly wait.


UnikeByYes said...

Who would not be exited? I cannot wait to see your creations! Congrats again!
Have a good one!

girlia said...

Too cute. especially that little skunk.

Tami B. said...

Love that cute little skunk!