Monday, July 18, 2011

New storage for CC

I have 122 Cartridges  mostly for my Expression and 19 of those are for my Imagine.  Also i have some that was pre loaded for my Gypsy.  So I have a storage problem.  I will have extra room when i get done with these photo boxes I bought at Hobby Lobby.  My husband had some things he needed shredded from work so when i saw all the folders i thought awww haaaa.  So i cut my folders in half making 2 smaller folders for my boxes  Each folder holds 2 so i can get 24 Cricut Cart books in one.  I used Stampin Up tab punch to make my tabs.  I cut one side 7 1/4"  and the other side 8 1/4"  and on the longer side i score at 3 3/4" turn it around and score at 3 3/4" .  Then i place my tab.  I went on Notepad and made 2 of each number  cut them out with a heart punch and label the book and the cart.  Then i printed up 3 copies of the list of how they were in the box.    I have done 2 boxes already and cleared out 48 boxes of cartridges.  Well and i put my empty cart boxes in a huge carton and stuffed in the closet.  I can decorate them boxes at xmas time and use as gift boxes.   So i have done my recylce job for the day. 


Tami B. said...

How very crafty & clever. Now what are you going to do with all your new found space? "Why, buy more stuff my dear"....she replies. lol

Laurie said...

122???? Wow! And I thought I had a lot at 74!! lol I just got through doing this same thing, only I made my dividers with the From My Kitchen cartridge. I like yours a lot better, and I like filing the carts separately. I never thought of that and it makes the boxes so much neater! TFS!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

OMG Vicky this is a fantastic idea!!!! and don't you just love that SU tab punch it's so handy:) Thank you for sharing:)